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This lovely photo from two beautiful girls was send in by Aidan Bourke, Barryscourt Shelties, Ireland
More details on photo of the month September  


Croft HouseWelcome to the homepage of Shelties of true British Type where you will find a collection of breeders and Sheltie enthusiasts from around the world working together to preserve what we believe to be the true UK type Shetland Sheepdog as illustrated in the UK/FCI Shetland Sheepdog Breed Standard, being the standard of the country of origin of the breed.

We are a dedicated group of people, who share a love for the true UK type Sheltie and the common desire to preserve this lovely breed by sharing knowledge and experiences and agreeing that we will only breed from and exhibit Shelties of true British type. 

We hope you will enjoy visiting the various kennels and seeing photographs and pedigrees of the many Shelties for whom we all share a passion and wish to preserve for future generations. 

As time goes by we hope to build on this site and share with you articles of interest, show results, news and updates as they become available.  

Just for fun and interest, each month we will also run a 'photo of the month' competition so get those cameras out and submit your photographs to the webmistress. No prizes for the winner, just the opportunity to have a picture of your lovely shelties on the website for all to see and enjoy ;-)  The current month's photo will be featured on this page.  For previous months' winners please follow the photo of the month link.



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