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Photo of the Month

July 2010

Left to right Tansey Turner v. 't Maartenshuis, Timo Tosini v. 't Maartenshuis and Twitty Templeton v. 't Maartenshuis. All three are from Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge and Kayleigh from Lady Lucia and bred by Afke Bruijn. Tansey is two years old in the photo and Timo and Twitty are 10 months.

This charming photo of three beautiful shelties was sent in by Afke en Willem Bruijn of  v. 't Maartenshuis Kennel, Netherlands. Kayleigh and Tansey are owned by Afke and Timo is owned by Christine Aaron of Shelridge Shetland Sheepdogs UK.



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